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Think about a plan for your money…


Money Plan Needing Details

Having a money plan puts you in control of your money.  Here are some tips to get you started…

Track your money with a spending diary

1. Track your Money

Before you can make a money plan, you need to know what you  are spending your money on.  You find this out by using online money tools such as Kiwibank’s Heaps Money Planning Tool! (which is free and can take manual transactions from other banks), OR you can keep a pen and paper Spending Diary to write down what you spend your money on each day.

The Federation of Family Budgeting Services also has Free financial tools for download on their website.



2. Work out what you’ve got to spend BEFORE you go shopping.

Budgeting Tips: Income and Expenses

3. Spend less than you earn – it’s the Golden Rule.


Budgeting Tips: Keep room for fun

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Set a budget that still gives you a life.  Our friendly team at Tauranga Budget Advisory Service can help you come up with just such a budget.

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Set your Money Goals around what you really want from life

5. Think Deep. Base your money goals on what you really want from life. Use the Sorted’s Goal Worksheet to help.


Budgeting Goals - Write them Down

6. Set goals and write them down. Give each one a dollar value and a timeframe.


Budgeting Tip: Repay High Interest Debt First

7. If you’ve got high-interest debt,
make paying it off your priority.


Crisis - Save for Emergencies

8. Your saving goals should include
a fund for emergencies.

Save for Special Events

9. If something special’s coming up, plan for it
now and avoid paying more later.

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