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At Level 1 we will still be offering our FREE budgeting services

over the phone, text or via skype or zoom.

We are now accepting appointments face to face back in our clinics

You can contact us by phoning 578 0969 or text 021 08177107.

Alternatively you can send a message via our website or email us at and we will reply to you.


Whether you just can’t come up with the money you need or you are sinking in debt and the bills are piling up it can be a relief to know that there’s someone who will help you. People in all types of circumstances and from all walks of life can find household budgeting and money management difficult. We offer FREE, confidential and non-judgmental advice by trained financial mentors.  Make an appointment now to come and discuss your situation with one of our friendly, non-judgemental and helpful financial mentors.

Our financial mentors can guide and support you through tough financial circumstances, liaise with creditors on your behalf, and connect you with other organisations that can help.  We may even help you to manage your bank accounts until finances are under control.


Thank you so much for providing this service.

A weight has been lifted knowing there could be an avenue to take in my circumstances
I’ve discovered that it is actually possible to clear debt.
Talking about my bills helped me to breath.  Got it off my chest.

I feel like Adrienne actually cares about me and my family and that means a lot to me.  We are not alone.

Our sincere thanks for the consideration of our circumstances and being treated with respect – very much appreciated.

I would like to thank the gentleman who has opened the door for me to be more aware of my spending.

How much weight has been lifted off my shoulders having this sorted.


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