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The Bay Financial Mentors provide free budget advice and support for families and individuals. We know that talking about money is not always easy, however it does take the stress and worry away once shared with our friendly financial mentors.  If you are feeling ashamed or depressed about money issues and rising debt come and see us so we can work with you and your creditors.


Whether you just can’t come up with the money you need or you are sinking in debt and the bills are piling up it can be a relief to know that there’s someone who will help you. People in all types of circumstances and from all walks of life can find household budgeting and money management difficult. We offer FREE, confidential and non-judgmental advice by trained financial mentors.  Make an appointment now to come and discuss your situation with one of our friendly, non-judgemental and helpful financial mentors.

Our financial mentors can guide and support you through tough financial circumstances, liaise with creditors on your behalf, and connect you with other organisations that can help.  We may even help you to manage your bank accounts until finances are under control.

Sometimes, you may need more than a budget and support to help manage your way out of debt. We can advise you and assist with:

  • KiwiSaver Hardship Withdrawals,
  • No Assets Procedures,
  • Summary Instalment Orders and
  • Bankruptcy Procedures.

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