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We run a number of regular workshops and courses for individuals, couples, and workplaces. And occasionally seminars for the public.

1. Money Mates Course (4 Weeks)

Our trained educators run a 4 week Money Mates courses for our clients.





What you will learn about

‘Get your money Fighting Fit’

Saving and investing

Think, Shrink and Grow

KiwiSaver - basics

Set your goals, make a budget

KiwiSaver - making decisions

Manage debt

Retirement Planning

2. Sorted Courses In Your Workplace

We can run Sorted courses in any combination to suit your requirements.

As well, we can incorporate ‘Give yourself a Payrise’ into any of these and can also address any particular issues and problems staff have from not enough food in the house to how to purchase large items when you don’t have any savings.

Besides our “Give Yourself a Payrise” talk, other often requested talks are “Credit Cards and Loyalty Schemes” and “Your household budget – tricks for cutting costs”.

4. Free Public Seminars

We run a number of FREE seminars / workshops that anyone can attend.  Contact Us to find out more