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Our sincere thanks to all our supporters who work with us

to help our community become more financially capable.

  • Mount Maunganui District Lioness's
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • City Tauranga Sunrise Lions
  • Tauranga Foodbank
  • Rotary Club of Tauranga
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Food Finders Trust
  • Commission for Financial Capability
  • Tauranga City Council
  • TECT
  • TechSoup
  • Merivale Community Centre
  • St Lazarus Trust Board
  • Greerton Bible Church
  • Welcome Bay Community Centre
  • Merivale Whanau Aroha Early Childhood Centre
  • Red Cross Curtain Bank
  • Pacific Island Community (Tauranga) Trust
  • Hillier Centre
  • J R McKenzie Trust

Letters From Our Supporters

Letters From Our Supporters

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11 September 2017

To whom it may concern,

Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the Tauranga Budget Advisory Service. Diane and the team of financial mentors and Money Mates have supported the Welcome Bay Community Centre for a number of years with weekly drop-in clinics providing advice, encouragement and expertise. They have supported and enabled our team to provide our mutual clients with relevant support from a holistic point, ensuring they have access to the resources they need.

Welcome Bay is an area with few support services locally, with clients having to catch two buses or drive 6 – 10 km to town to have access to resources and social support services. The financial mentor is one of a number social support people who come to the Community Centre on a Wednesday morning, and we encourage this time to be as much a social occasion as a service provision time. This collective wrap-around approach ensures clients can approach their issues without shame.

Often financial stress is just the tip of the iceberg for many families so by having other support services on hand ensures we are able to respond to the needs immediately and start the recovery process more quickly.

Tauranga Budget Advisory Service is a great asset to the spectrum of social support services in this area and it is vital that this service is well supported financially to maintain the fantastic job it does.

Yours faithfully,

Anna Larsen Centre Manager

21st September 2017


This letter is written in support of the good work that Tauranga Budget Advisory Services do in our community.

SuperGrans WBOP in conjunction with the Maori Wardens run a weekly group for young Mums in Katikati. The focus of this group is multi-faceted but integral to our involvement in the transferring of skills across the generations. Our Super Grans attend each session and there is always a focus on a particular skill or topic.

In August, Cody from Tauranga Budget Advisory Services ran the Money Mates programme for our young Mums. Cody’s skill at presenting was great and the Mums and Grans all learnt from and enjoyed this programme. As a result, one of our Mums is regularly meeting with Lisa and is inspired to make the required changes in her life. We anticipate that more Mums will see Lisa.

Further to this, Diane instigated and chairs the Strengthening Community meetings, held monthly at the Katikati Community Centre. These meetings are bringing together people from different agencies and community groups with a view to collaborating to make our community stronger.

I would like to thank Diane, Lisa and Cody for the help and support that they provide in our community. If you wish to discuss this further then please call our Establishment Coordinator Anne Billing on 027 472 1112.

We look forward to a fruitful and continuing relationships with Tauranga Budget Advisory Services.

Yours faithfully

Pat Watson Chair

SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty Charitable Trust

17 October 2017

To whom it may concern

It is our pleasure at NO Mataapuna Oranga (NMO) to provide this letter of support for Tauranga Budget Advisory Service (TBAS).

NMO has enjoyed a professional relationship with TBAS over the years and we have seen the significant impact this service and their team have had on whanau achieving economic security.

NMO & TBAS entered into our first Whanau Ora collaboration project in 2012, to address gaps in services as identified by whanau. Many of our whanau highlighted to us that financial literacy leading to financial stability and independence were high on their aspirational goals. TBAS provided expertise, training and ongoing support to kaimahi in our network. NMO reciprocated by providing training on whanau engagement through Whanau Ora practice.

The initial collaboration increased the number of trained volunteer budget advisors in the NMO network and also led to the development of financial literacy workshops delivered within communities.

NMO continues to enjoy this relationship with TBAS working together in the support of whanau in multiple areas including the Whanau Ora space.

Diane and the team at TBAS are dedicated, professional and approachable. NMO endorses TBAS as a supporter of whanau ora and whanau success.

Naku noa, nä

11 May 2016
To whom it may concern,
Tauranga Budget Advisory Service
It gives me great pleasure to write this reference for the Tauranga Budget Advisory Service on behalf of the Welcome Bay Community Centre Inc.
Tauranga Budget Advisory Service (TBAS) has been involved with the Community Centre almost since the Centre opened its first premises in 2009.
The Centre was established to address the overwhelming need for social support in the area, and TBAS has played a fundamental role in delivering these much-needed services .
Debt destroys people’s mana and the people in our community have enormous pride. Providing an opportunity for them to seek help, knowing they will not be judged, is crucial to breaking the debt cycle. The advisor has walked long journeys alongside his clients, building lasting relationships with them, enabling them to seek help and advice with other agencies. Having been empowered with the skills to solve their own problems, clients not only become advocates for TBAS, but they also become mentors to the community. Many of these clients have built an ongoing relationship with the Community Centre staff, providing an opportunity to engage with and give back to their own community.
When a client walks out of the room after their appointment with the advisor, with a huge grin on their face and declaring they are now debt-free for the first time in over 20 years (virtually all their adult life), we know that this service is crucial to our community.
The relationship between TBAS and the Tauranga Foodbank has also been crucial in lifting the provision of service in this area. One of the key issues within Welcome Bay is access to transport to travel into the city. By engaging with TBAS advisors, clients can receive food parcels delivered direct to the Centre.


Providing a service to fix a problem is one way to deal with social issues, however, empowering the community with skills and resources to solve its own problems is a sustainable way to build community capacity and develop community resilience and self-sufficiency.
Yours faithfully,
Anna Larsen

Centre Manager

12 May 2016


Diane Bruin

Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

Historic Village

17th Ave West,



Dear Diane

It is with pleasure that I submit this correspondence as a letter of support and acknowledgement of the service that TBAS has provided to the Nightshelter and to the men that frequent our facility/service.

It is the role of the shelter staff to exit its guests into housing in a sustainable way.  Having TBAS support that goal in two ways, financial literacy sessions and 1 on1 on-going budget advice has been invaluable.

Our client group often have long histories of homelessness, significant debt, inability to manage on their income to name a few.  Residing at the Nightshelter provides opportunity to retrain and up-skill whilst the guest is safe, fed and well rested.

Those men who have exited into housing and had engaged with TBAS (at the shelter and TBAS) are still managing their homes and their budgets admirably. On our home visits Financial Notes Books are still in use and they tell us with pride how much easier it is to manage their money now.

The budgeters that have engaged with the men have been absolutely respectful, non-judgmental, engaging and patient.  It has been evidenced that they will go the extra mile to meet the needs of this specific group, on their terms.

To date TBAS has held regular onsite group sessions that increase financial literacy at all levels:  Example of the program below;

Week 1.        Note Book

Bank Statements


Financially fit

Household budget

Food plan and glow bug


Week 2.        Debt booklet

Debt calculator


So you want to buy something

Free Phone

Credit card

Clothing trucks

Needs v Wants

Consumers Guarantees

Car Contracts


Week 3.        Goals Booklet

Savings Booklet and calculations



Wills, Insurance

Make interest your friend


The sessions have made a significant impression on the men and how they manage their daily lives.

TBAS has been instrumental in assisting TMNT to achieve its Mission which is:

“To provide safe shelter and access to services designed to break the cycle of homelessness”.

Access to TBAS has been un-obstructed, invaluable and flexible in its approach.

Please accept this letter in support of TBAS and what they have achieved for and on behalf of our client group.

If any further information is required, please contact the writer.


Yours sincerely


Annamarie Angus


Tauranga Moana Nightshelter Trust.


Tauranga Moana Nightshelter Trust Facebook Page

13 September 2017




Tauranga Budget Advisory Service has been of great assistance to ray O Te Huia residents who have been learning how to budget their money and preparing them to live out in the community should appropriate accommodation arise.


TBAS have been working with us for the past year and their contribution to the independent living of our residents has been of enormous value to them.  Their attitude towards our residents has been very productive and they have provided consistent and solid support.


We are very happy with the support they have provided our residents.

Nga mihi