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Housing Assistance Programme

The Everybody Wants A Home course runs for 1.5 hours, once a week, for five weeks. It’s held in room DT502 at the  Bongard Centre, Waiariki BOP Polytechnic on Cameron Road, usually from 7.00pm-8.30pm on a Monday.

Here is an outline of the course contents.  For details of times and dates for the next course, visit our facebook page or phone us on 578 0969.

Session One:

Introduction/ Menu Planning

Benefits of menu planning, general grocery shopping tips and how to use meal planning worksheets. Receive two weeks of sample menu plans.

Session Two:

The Household Budget/ Give yourself a Payrise

How to prepare a spending plan, spreading payments, preparing for Christmas and school holidays and useful ideas for stretching your dollar.

Session Three:

Buying Stuff

Discuss needs versus wants, credit contracts, lay-by and hire purchase. Find out the pitfalls with interest free deals, loans and credit cards.

Session Four:

Housing: Part One with a Bank Representative as Guest Speaker

Discuss KiwiSaver and compare costs of renting versus buying property. Learn about mortgages: borrowing criteria, valuations and deposits.

Session Five:

Housing Part Two with a Lawyer as Guest Speaker

Learn about real estate contracts and their conditions, legal fees and protecting your property. Discuss KiwiSaver, and other investments.