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The Tauranga Budget Advisory Service offers free advice and help with budgeting skills to both individuals and families across the Tauranga region, from Katikati to Papamoa and Maketu.

The aim of our service is to educate people to manage their finances effectively and to empower them so that they can develop their own resources in better money management.

We offer a range of services from one-off crisis advice to comprehensive on-going support and mentoring. Our clients are fully involved and in control of making decisions regarding their income and spending.

Our financial capability training programmes include community-based “More About Money” programmes, “Everybody Wants  A Home” programmes and Workplace Training. The tools and tips provided in these training sessions equips attendees with skills that can be used on an on-going basis.


‘People in the Tauranga area are able to manage their finances competently.’

The great benefit of the Tauranga Budget Advisory Service is that not only is it a supportive and confidential service, it’s also free.

It's Free

Everyone is eligible to receive budgeting advice regardless of their personal situation.


Our advisors help people develop a plan that is realistic and manageable.


Our advisors undergo extensive and on-going training.


A strict standard is adhered to, to uphold the professionalism of the Federation.


Our advisors can provide their clients with simple tools such as Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and cash flow to help them with their plan.


Our advisors can talk on behalf of their clients to people whom they may own money, to sort out a payment plan.


Our team of well-trained budgeters will provide personal budgeting advice and group education so members of the community can effectively manage their money

As well as the support we provide to individuals and families, the Tauranga Budget Avisory Service has trained facilitators who help develop our community by providing workshops, seminars and training. We are the number one provider of ‘Sorted’ talks in the BOP including:

‘Get your money Fighting Fit’

Think, Shrink and Grow

Set your goals, make a budget

Manage debt

Saving and investing

KiwiSaver - basics

KiwiSaver - making decisions

Retirement Planning

The Tauranga Budget Advisory Service was first established in 1972 and is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. As an independent body affiliated to the NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services (NZFFBS) we share a common Code of Ethics, philosophy, and commitment to the principles of sound Money Management.

As well as Financial Mentors, we have Money Mates who are trained Facilitators, accredited to the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) standards. They provide courses to teach invaluable financial skills to our clients, community groups and businesses.

Our volunteer Financial Mentors are trained to NZFFBS standards, gaining a certificate of competency that is renewed each year following the completion of professional development courses.

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