Budget 2015: Varied Views on the Families Package

NO HUGE ENHANCEMENTS: Tauranga Community Foodbank Chairman Alan Plunkett said the package gave people a little bit here and there.

The Government’s lauded $790 million families package has failed to wow Tauranga’s foodbank chief but the city’s head of budget advice says the $25 a week for families is “definitely needed”.
The package, which allocates funding for the next four years, includes:

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David Chaplin: KiwiSaver kick-start is History

There are no more $1000 kickstarters for new KiwiSavers

From 2pm yesterday, people enrolling in KiwiSaver no longer receive a $1000 kickstart payment. That will save the Government $500 million over four years. To put it another way, the Government picks 500,000 Kiwis will each be poorer by $1000 over the next four years.

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HomeStart proving popular with locals

PROPERTY LADDER: Inquiries about the scheme, which was introduced on April 1 to help first-home buyers on to the property ladded, is on the rise says Rothbury mortgage adviser Keith Arden.

More than 40 Tauranga first home buyers have applied for the Government’s new housing subsidies and a quarter have been approved.

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